When will we open?

we'll try to answer for you

You may have heard on the news that libraries are on the list of places that can open again from July 4th?  What does that mean for us?

Well I can tell you one thing, it probably won’t mean that we’ll be opening our doors early July.

GLL and LCC are working hard behind the scenes to open up the large inner city libraries in time, they also need to run health and safety checks on all the libraries including the community libraries like us BEFORE we are allowed back in the building. This is obviously to ensure the safety of all our volunteers and staff.  The book stock movements need to start up again and the IT needs running through. Once all this has started and is running smoothly they can then start the process of opening other libraries. When we open we want to be ready  so we’ll need a bit of time once access has been granted to get in the library and make some changes to allow us to open up (think signage, PPE etc)

As soon as we have a date you will be the FIRST to know! and like you, we can’t wait to get out (well santized) hands on our books!

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